This site is being held open for those Greenfield residents who were disenfranchised by signing their name substantially as registered and being rejected as illegible. A civilized three part remedy is proposed. 1. Compare signatures to the filed signature card, just as banks do. 2. Fix the confusing and contradictory instructions to signers and instructions to registrars so that the will of the people is never thwarted like this again. 3. Update the petition to a modern format that eliminates most errors.

More people signed the petition to regulate single use plastic than voted in the concurrent primary election ... Every citizen who signed has been disenfranchised by arbitrary and capricious application of apparently but not actually conflicting rules.

A new site not specific to Greenfield has been prepared at

Salem has instituted the first Massachusetts cigarette butt recycling program. See this link

New York City, 2015, January 8 ... Mayor Bill De Blasio extends styrofoam regulation to all food vendors above a specified annual dollar volume of sales; $500,000. Former Mayor Bloomberg's staff calculated increased cost of styrofoam packaging elimination during his administration; the increased cost was 2ยข per eventual retail sale. New York has once again taken a giant step in the plastic saga. Where next?

Greenfield Plastic Ordinance Text

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