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Packaging and Litter
Reduction Ordinance

Stated legal 8/13/14

Millions of butts
per year flush into the
San Fransisco Bay

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Vermont is being sued
for labeling GMO food

Help Vermont
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Oregon's Right to Know

Label GMO's qualifies
155,000 signatures

Greenfield Business
Survey 4/28/14

Constructed wetlands
turns sewage to wealth

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Pipeline letter to Governor

Drilling, building and
blasting ... ships and
pipelines everywhere.
Coast to coast, we all
face the same threats.

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7/22 Rising Tide Vermont organized about forty protestors outside Vermont Public Services Board offices to demand a halt to ratepayers paying for a pipeline for a private company.

ACLU Massachusetts

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Sew your own

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Compostable packaging and litter reduction

The Greenfield Biodegradable Packaging and Litter Reduction Ordinance is a meld of efforts spanning Earth's timespace from Nantucket, 1990, to Maui, 2014, it includes input from several towns in Massachusetts as-well-as multiple cities and counties of California and New York City, where styrofoam is no longer used.

The Greenfield Biodegradable Packaging and Litter Reduction Ordinance is a public initiative to control litter and reduce plastic in the waste stream managed by the Town. Elimination of single-use plastic bags by larger scale retail establishments is a primary purpose of this ordinance. Additionally, Greenfield citizens realize that no one foresaw the consequences of single-use water bottles, plastic bags, cigarette butts, incinerated waste and other plastic trash swept to the sea by rivers and wind, yet these consequences exist and motivate the community of Greenfield to enact this ordinance to protect the Earth and the health of town residents.

Concord, Massachusetts has fired a second shot heard 'round the world — elimination of single use PET drinking water bottles less than one Liter. Manhattan Beach, California and Maui, Hawaii, have banned cigarette smoking on the beach, and Manhattan Beach recently expanded beach protection to include no smoking in all public places.

Greenfield's latest voter initiative version embraces this interesting leadership, which includes the efforts of many surfers, hats off to surfers, and adds the spice of San Francisco. ¿Ready? If one insists on smoking tobacco despite all evidence it is a ridiculous form of suicide, then one must be within arm's reach of an ashtray. ¡Yes! You are free to carry a personal ashtray ... Save the San Francisco Bay!

Special appreciation goes to the Los Angeles based 5 Gyres Institute in collaboration with New York University for studies which motivated the Great Lakes coastal State of Illinois to ban plastic microbeads. Although the microbead ban phases in over two years, it instantly spurred corporate agreements to begin removing these extraordinarily harmful plastic bits from tooth paste, skin lotion and other products. Read the label ... If either polypropylene or polyethylene are listed, avoid it like the plague.

BOSTON (May 25, 2010) — Longtime environmental health researchers at Tufts University School of Medicine describe the carcinogenic effects of endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs), ubiquitous chemicals that have hormone-like effects in the body. In a review article published online May 25 in Nature Reviews Endocrinology, the researchers express the need for more complex strategies for studying how these chemicals affect health but report that ample evidence already supports changing public health and environmental policies to protect the public from exposure to EDCs.

plastic water bottles.