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Compostable packaging and litter reduction

The Greenfield Biodegradable Packaging and Litter Reduction Ordinance is a meld of efforts spanning Earth's timespace from Nantucket, 1990, to Maui, 2014, it includes input from several towns in Massachusetts as-well-as multiple cities and counties of California

Concord, Massachusetts has fired a second shot heard 'round the world — elimination of single use PET drinking water bottles less than one Liter. Manhattan Beach, California and Maui, Hawaii, have banned cigarette smoking on the beach, and Manhattan Beach recently expanded beach protection to include no smoking in all public places.

Greenfield's latest voter initiative version embraces this interesting leadership, which includes the efforts of many surfers, hats off to surfers, and adds the spice of San Francisco. ¿Ready? If one insists on smoking tobacco despite all evidence it is a ridiculous form of suicide, then one must be within arm's reach of an ashtray. ¡Yes! You are free to carry a personal ashtray ... Save the San Francisco Bay!

Special appreciation goes to the Los Angeles based 5 Gyres Institute in collaboration with New York University for studies which motivated the Great Lakes coastal State of Illinois to ban plastic microbeads. Although the microbead ban phases in over two years, it instantly spurred corporate agreements to begin removing these extraordinarily harmful plastic bits from tooth paste, skin lotion and other products. Read the label ... If either polypropylene or polyethylene are listed, avoid it like the plague.

Ordinance Timeline

The Greenfield Biodegradable Packaging and Litter Reduction Ordinance was first introduced into process on June 19, the Town Attorney found a few administrative details that were not correct and these were edited, signed and introduced into process July 18, time is growing short ... Final date is election day November 4, 2014. Second phase final signature date is 46 days before the election. A 25% turnout is required for a referendum to become an actual ordinance. Read more about the timeline and town charter.

People and Pipeline Public Hearing

Started Monday, June 30, 6:30 p.m., Resolution Opposing the Northeast Expansion of the Tennessee Gas Pipeline in Massachusetts – Town Council Community Relations and Education Committee – 114 Main Street

Unanimous ! Greenfield opposes pipeline in solidarity with other towns. Will the full council agree?

A full council hearing is next. What will the people say?

July 12, The Greenfield portion of state-wide people's pipline inspection walk. In the spirit of Benjamin Franklin, U.S. Representative Jim McGovern walked the walk. He listened to many and then said,

"One should always question decisions made in secret and assume such decisions require secrecy because they are bad for the people and Earth."

July 16, Dashed official solidarity ... Drats ... The Mayor supports the pipeline to transport fracked gas, so Greenfield can have more gas power and be able to grow. Mayor Martin convinced a change of heart during a Town Council economic development sub committee meeting, the night before the full council meeting; The Mayor, nice guy, even convinced one of the two Councilors who introduced the non-binding resolution opposing the pipeline to delay, until the pipeline company has a chance to meet with the townspeople and town council.

Things look grim. Will the people fill the Community College dining hall again?

Yes, Town Councilors are being polite and civilized to hear what the pipeline company has to say. Still, the crux is this; the people will need to design and finance many positive proposals to put the unions to more permanent environmentally positive work. Drag governments along with you, even if they don't see the picture, yet. A train line extension of existing Boston route trains from Fitchberg to Greenfield would be a good job, for starters. As would a pipeline to the North Dakota gas burn off depicted above.

Bring your suggestions Thursday, June 24th 6pm ... How should we the people put the unions to work building the best they are capable of? The last pipeline forum sent a smiling legislator to the capitol with a bill to spend the pipeline money instead on State building insulation and solar. Are we the people going to back step? Will we the people keep our own publicly committed best option social investment? Or, should we give it to the pipeline company?

The plot thickens ... Franklin County and beyond already had a packed house pipeline forum at the Community College auditorium, six or seven weeks ago, which included a panel of knowledgeable people and local politicians, a popular radio host and a surprisingly eloquent local newspaper columnist. The pipeline company was invited but declined to attend. Plus, we've just experienced a somewhat disappointing June, 2014 election, record low turnout, even so, five out of thirteen Councilors stuck with the people and rational reasoning and voted for solidarity with neighboring towns now.

What will the people say when the pipline company comes to town? Thursday, July 24th, 6pm, Community College Dining Hall. Here's what Reenie Clancy had to say about it in the newspaper.